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If you have little ones in your life who love bunnies, then you are in the perfect place!

When author Lynnette Bonner was a little girl, her daddy used to tell her stories about a bunny named SilverEars. She grew up to be a writer—however, she only wrote regular ol’ big-people books. But it was a long-time dream to write a SilverEars book! Finally, for her daddy’s 83rd birthday, she completed this dream-project and presented him with SilverEars and the Unexpected Expected Company, a children’s book filled with all the humor and heart he always infused into every story he told!

And now that the secret is out, you too can share this fun story with the little people you love!

This is Lynnette's Daddy. He’s still full of humor and spunk!

I never knew where I was going when I started a SilverEars story. I just made it up!
~ Duane Stewart

Here’s the cover of the book. And let me tell you, the illustrator, Knyazeva Lyubov Aleksandrovna, has an amazing talent!

Don’t let the little people in your life miss out on the opportunity to experience…

A hilarious picture book with a gentle lesson about procrastination.

SilverEars only has bossy twin sisters, so he’s THRILLED that the new neighbors are coming to dinner and bringing their BOY! But the house is a mess and everyone else is busy. He’s supposed to clean. Mama tells him not to procrastinate, but when he takes out the compost bin and meets the new boy, Bounder, cleaning takes a backseat to baseball, snacks, & pirate ships. Then Granny Fluff reminds him there are only fifteen minutes until everyone is to arrive! Hilarity ensues as SilverEars and Bounder rush around trying to get the house clean–with DISASTROUS results.

“Such a cute story! I had fun reading it with my little one!”

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